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What is Antojai Quatum Riki
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Shift your health, wealth, and reality from feeling stuck to finding alignment and harmony

Antojai Quantum Reiki can help shift these aspects of your reality allowing you to plant new seeds. 

I won't claim that this is a magic solution that will change your life drastically overnight, however

it is an incredibly powerful resource that is always available to help guide you on your journey.


What is Antojai Quantum Reiki?

Antojai is a form of vibrational healing that uses quantum energies to promote balance within the human

subconscious. Antojai works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds the body to introduce

cleansing energy to the conscious, subconscious, and astral portions of the human experience. 

How it Works

Sessions are available in person at my Greenville SC location or virtually via zoom.

We will have a brief conversation about what you have going on and may be 

looking to shift. I will then guide you into a meditation that will allow me to connect

to your conscious, subconscious minds as well as your physical bodies at which time

Antojai Quantum energies will be applied.

Why Reiki Works

Reiki Works because it goes above and beyond your physical and conscious awareness and 

dives deeper into your subconscious and emotional bodies. From here we can tap into the 

root cause of what causes your dis'ease', bring that from the subconscious mind and into 

your present awareness. Things like repressed emotions, stored trauma, ancestral trauma, and 

even past life trauma can all cause distress in our present awareness and can often be presented

as physical pain, disease, mental illness, issues with weight and more. Once these  subconscious

experiences can be released so can the dis'ease' they are tied to. 

Where to Start

If you do not have a meditation or mindfulness practice I would start there. Meditation

does not have to look like sitting down quietly for an extended period of time so if you

struggle with that do not worry. Active meditation like going for a walk, working out,

journaling, and many more actives can help build a foundation for meditation and mindfulness.

You can also always book a reiki session with a certified Reiki Practitioner. 

About Me

Hi my name is Athena and I am a Certified Antojai Quantum Reiki Grand Master and Instructor

and Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Guide based in Greenville SC.

I began my spiritual journey in 2018 after leaving my life on the east coast behind to help expand 

our offices at my corporate job. I loved it there but for the first time in my life I only had to work

1 job and had yet to make many friends and I was alone with myself and my thoughts for the 

very first time in my life and it almost broke me. I quickly realized I could not keep up the

same cycles I had playing on repeat any more and I decided to make a change.  I watch the a

Documentary on Netflix at the time called "Heal", highly recommend, and it inspired me to

go meditate. During this meditation I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. This marked

the beginning of a journey I never would have imagined. During this awakening my whole life

flashed before my eyes I remembered a lot of the difficult experiences but I remembered a 

lot of beautiful ones too.


From there I took up Tarot Card reading, learned Usui Reiki 

and eventually Antojai Quantum Reiki. In my pursuit to make my own life just a little better

I found that not only did I have a knack for sharing my own story but for holding space

for others to share theirs, in doing so I was able to begin sharing the energy work and many 

lessons I have learned. One day I as I was meditating on what I was to do with all of this 

new found awareness I had a flashback much like the kundalini awakening experience I had

just a few years back to a dream I had as a teenager to one day have a non-profit helping women 

who had experienced sexual assault like I had except now that dream was so much bigger.

Through Antojai and Usui energy practices I have been able to help others who have experienced

a wide range of dis'ease' due to physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional trauma. That dream is 

so much bigger now.  These powerful experiences have lead me to where I am today.  A guide

to help others through this journey we call life through the healing arts. 

Having spent most of my professional life in the corporate world  with experience in many fields

ranging from Hospitals to Software, I've apply my lived experience with trauma, therapy, healing, and

emotional elasticity to the healing arts.  This wide range of human experiences has allowed me

the ability to compose unique healing opportunities leaving you with a sound body, mind, and soul.

My Mission

My goal is to empower you to find what  well health means to you through the healing arts

mind, body, heart coherency, and over all physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional

well being and alignment.  

Words of Wisdom

Change happens when the disease with your current reality is greater than the effort to change.

I am only one person and empowering others to contribute to this vision of

healing and shifting their reality if they feel called to do so is how I can contribute the

most to this world. I'd love to be on this journey with you.

Are you ready to start your healing journey? Check out the link below to learn more. 

Why Reiki Works
Where to Start
How it Work
About Me
My Mission
Crystal Ball
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