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Through the Fabric of Time

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Through the Fabric of Time A Poem by Athena Jones

I don’t know why I so desire to remember 5 year old me, her sadness, her pain, her loneliness. I guess I’d like to imagine a time I still had my innocence. A time where the pure magic of innocence flowed through my being. Is it because I just want to love her the way she deserved to be loved? Is it because I miss the way she laughed, the way she smile, the way she dreamed, the way she loved?

What is love without trauma? What is love from a true state of innocence. I’m not sure why I’d ask her that. She’d already been manipulated, lied to, abused, doubted, forgotten, alone. Did she even know what love is? Do I know what love is?

I know how I want to be loved now, how I wished I had been loved then, how I will love her now. I will reach back through the fabric of time, reach out to my inner child and hold her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how smart she is, how brave she is, how incredibly strong she is, how powerful she is, and how worthy she is.

She looks back at me with pride. How could a women so amazing be her all grown up? She went through the flames as bits of sand and came out to be molded by a craftsman to become a beautiful work of art. She looks back at the sand and still wonders how she became whole? Who knew the flames would set her free? Now this work of art ponders who is this craftsman? Why did they spend so much time and care crafting her?

To her surprise she looks up and sees her self older, wiser, stronger, bolder, braver reaching back through the fabrics of time to tell her she is strong, she is incredibly brave, she is beautiful, she is worthy. She finds comfort in knowing she had always been there for herself. She has been and always will be strong, brave, beautiful, and worthy.

Athena Jones

Light Worker, Energy Transmuter, Shadow Worker, Tarot & Oracle Reader

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