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The Path Lit by the Full Moons Gaze

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The Path Lit by the Full Moons Gaze by Athena Jones

As I lie here in the full moons gaze cloaked in an indica haze… drowning in this moon energy that is begging me to release these memories of late nights lit by the moons light, begging to be freed from this hell why can’t I escape this place that’s more like jail.

What felt like a lifetime sentence was followed by 14 years on the run, I avoided you like the plague. I found a home, I found peace, what kind of irony is it that a plague would be the thing to put a call into my soul to return.

Back to the place that felt like hell that I once called a jail. My soul calls for a place my ego flees from filled with terror. My higher self and inner child at war.

I do my best to tell that little girl that this time will be different. Everything will be ok, you are strong, worthy, brave, and loved.

As the war rages on silently in my mind I gaze at the moon cloaked in an indica haze. I will release these memories, this energy. I will transmute them into something beautiful. I will release this hold this energy has on me and step into my power, into my healing, and into my purpose following this path lit by the full moons gaze.

Athena Jones

Light Worker, Energy Transmuter, Shadow Worker, Tarot & Oracle Reader

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