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What is Vulnerability

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

What is Vulnerability by Athena Jones

What is vulnerability? Is it letting someone touch your skin, allowing them to hold you close? Is it letting them into your heart? Telling them your deepest darkest secrets? Is it spending your mornings and nights together? Is it being comfortable in silence together? Is it meeting each others friends and family?

I've done all of these and I fear I still I do not understand vulnerability. I fear I am still emotionally unavailable, I fear I've spent so many years pretending to be vulnerable that I've forgotten how to truly be vulnerable. Do I need someone to show me how? Someone to seep into every crevice of my mind, body, and soul to truly and fully discover me? Or must I do this for myself? Is vulnerability really just being your true most authentic self? Is it showing the parts of yourself you love the most without fear of judgement, without fear of losing someone, ,without fear of rejection?

Yes, this must be true vulnerability. Thus my journey begins to first be my most authentic unapologetic self in all ways all the time no matter what. To live in a true state of Authenticity and Vulnerability.

And so it is.

Athena Jones

Light Worker, Energy Transmuter, Shadow Worker, Tarot & Oracle Reader

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